Managed Hosting

Located in a Disaster Safe Zone, TDC business park is ideal for a data center.



TDC Dedicated Servers provides our customers flexible and cost-efficient choices that meet target performance and scalability requirements. Also, customers may choose a full configured service architecture from the outset, or they may start with a basic configuration and adapt and expand as needed, based on financial, operational, and business growth considerations. TDC’s Dedicated Services offer hardware and operating system options, all provisioned in our Tier III environment providing businesses with a highly reliable IT foundation. Based on Microsoft and Linux hardware platforms, customers can easily customize platform configurations to their needs, selecting from options such as processors, memory, drive capacity, storage controllers, and Operating Systems. Each Dedicated Server is built, tested and deployed by our highly skilled and experienced staff, and includes administrative access privileges, dedicated IP addresses, and a minimum fixed monthly bandwidth allocation.



TDC offers a Tier III data center environment that provides the secure environment for your servers. From 1U to 4U configurations, all types of designs can be implemented with our community space.



In traditional server environments a number of physical servers provide a variety of functions. This implementation can come at the price of under-utilizing resources, which can be wasteful and costly. TDC Virtual Hosting allows you to increase overall performance, and decrease the cost of operations.

  • Maximize hardware utilization
  • Reduce hardware & operating costs
  • Simplify disaster recovery solutions
  • Increase performance & resource control
  • Provide scalability to grow as needed

Unlike other cloud services, TDC’s Virtual Hosting leverages enterprise class network, servers, and storage infrastructure and provides full versions of operating systems and applications. All virtual devices are configured for high availability, so in the event of a hardware failure, the service will automatically restart on an alternative, meaning near zero downtime whatever the application.